Sponsorship & Donation

Each new multi-cultural production or special event requires enormous time and effort, specific criteria, input and support. World Performances Inc.  would like to invite you and your associates to participate and support our performing arts productions and events.  They are specially created to build local, national and international relationships with the mission to entertain, educate and enlighten artists and audiences alike.

Donors & Sponsors: World Performances Inc. Sponsorship and Donor Support offset our multi-cultural production and special event costs. This enables World Performances Inc. to offer ticketing discounts; and in specific cases, tooffer free tickets to under privileged and to diverse charitable organizations.  These tickets can be gratefully underwritten by Foundation Grants, Private Donations and Corporate Sponsorships.  

          For more information on how you can initiate special projects; or support and participate in World Performances Inc.             multi-cultural Theatrical Productions, Cultural Exchanges, Festivals and diverse Special Events, please feel free to call:

 832-552-5115 or email: worldwidestage@gmail.com