“The solution to the cycle of violence? Artistic Director Burton Wolfe proposes a  solution in his new musical, NEIGHBORS… It’s moving… The songs are frequently touching and well performed… At the play’s end, the opening night audience was moved to its feet –an ovation with much applause and many shouts of ‘bravo.’ Wolfe’s vision had moved their hearts.” 
Reviewed by Marty Fugate, Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Observer, USA  

"In its premiere performance, the play is truly powerful--- In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "If you want peace, you must begin with the children..." The pace never slows down---   Songs, 
 Love is my Religion and Leaving you are likely to bring tears.  The dark A Brainwash to Death is a dramatic scene you won't forget.  In the end, it all comes together in a very surprising way."
Reviewed By Kay Pruden, Special to the Herald USA

" Neighbors"  brings a message of peace.  Wolfe has written the book and lyrics to 20 musical numbers... Abraham sings to his wife, Sarah, "It's All Been a Blessing Shared with You"  which captures the sweetness and intimacy of a long-married couple.... Fatima's song, "A New World is Born," and the play's anthem, "Safe to Live," were strong moving musical moments..."
Reviewed by Karen Mamone, Pelican Press, USA

This thought-provoking musical was created to promote concepts of peace through its spoken lines as well as its music and lyrics.  The premiere production received remarkably positive feedback from Israelis as well as Palestinians and brought a change in the hearts and minds of the audience members who attended the NEIGHBORS' performances.

World Performances Inc. looks forward to partnering NEIGHBORS  performances with Middle East peace initiatives and Peace Promoting Organizations.  NEIGHBORS' book and lyrics will be performed in  English, Hebrew and Arabic by  a cast of Israeli, Palestinian and American performers.  World Performances Inc. looks forward to presenting Neighbors performances in the state of Israel and other Middle East Nations;  a Peace Mission to touch peoples' hearts leading towards mutual cultural and religious acceptance and understanding.

Some quotes from "NEIGHBORS"  Newspaper Reviews: