With years of experience producing Theatrical productions and Special Events globally, Executive and Artistic Director, Burton Wolfe created an innovative technique - putting international artists and different languages togehter in the same production; bilingual musicals that merged Eastern and Western performers, musical instrumentation and theatrcial styles.  The breakthrough "Broadway style" bilingual musicals created by Burton Wolfe, broadens performers and audiences alike - creating a context for better understanding and appreciation of global cultures and artistry.  The two major cultural exchanges between the United States and The People Republic of China (shown below), were made possible by participating Word Performances Inc. colleagues:  Book, Lyrics and Artistic Direction by Burton Wolfe; Music and Orchestrations by Scott Gehman ; Dialogue and Lyric translation by Lawrence Wong


Burton Wolfe, Scott Gehman and Lawrence Wong continued their innovative theatrical productions, partnering with the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Toruism, by creating "Metropolis!" The Broadway style musical was two years in the making and the performances included: Shenzhen's professional actors, Shenzhen University professors,  their  dance and choral students and the Shenzhen renowned Lily Choir. Over one hundred performers participate in the production. "Metropolis!" offered the Chinese performers opportunity to be involved in a Broadway Style musical and be trainned by the International team of directors. The premiere bilingual  "Metropolis!"   performances took place December of 2012 in Shenzhen's  state of the art, Poly Theatre.  The musical depicts the 30 year growth and development of Shenzhen and its magical transformation from a small fishing village into the vibrant world class city it is today.

International Shows

The Legend of Yin and Yang​
This bilingual musical extravaganza is performed by a joint company of gifted professional Chinese and American singers, actors and acrobats. It is a heartfelt musical story of conflict, cooperation and love. The innovative bilingual production incorporates Mandarin and English dialogue, lyrics and presents a variety of theatrical styles: American Broadway, Chinese Acrobatics and Martial Arts. Together they enthrall younger and older audiences. The Legend of Yin and Yang has been praised both in America and China for its visual creativity, beautiful music, lyrics and its stylized choreographed dances. The musical was first produced as a Cultural Exchange in 2005 between the city of Zunyi, China  and Sarasota, Florida, USA.
In 2009 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sino-US Relations, The Legend of Yin and Yang was selected as Cultural Exchange program between China and America.  Burton Wolfe's new musical staging added Martial Arts and Hip Hop dance elements to the production.